To protect children from new virus infections in the field of education

All elementary and junior high schools in Hibara City, Fukuoka City, and Kashima City have started to use “King of Air Antibacterial / Antiviral Air Conditioner Filter”. We cleaned the air conditioner and installed the filter in all the classrooms. We would like to report that the space has become safe for children, students, parents, and those who work in the garden.

“King of Air Antibacterial / Antiviral Air Conditioner Filter”.


This filter is impregnated with AT254.

Filter impregnated with AT254 for air conditioners

For wall-mounted AC: 6 filters included  W380xL800


For ceiling AC: 6 filters included W600x600

General purchase: King of Air EC site


■ Inactivating effect of “AT254” recognized by the research institute

Antiviral performance evaluation tests completed by Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science, Kitasato University

* Evidence for Type A Influenza virus

* Feline Coronavirus

Total 254 bacteria (antibacterial 70, antifungal 159 and anti-algae 25) have been verified for effectiveness.


Results of the latest virus demonstration experiment by Nara Medical University in 2021


■ The “antiviral test” conducted this time is distinguished from “sterilization / eradication”, which temporarily kills / removes viruses and bacteria.  Air catalyst coating exert its effect gradually after hardened.